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Whether you are just starting your online business, or have been selling for years, Dr. Anika has it figured out and can help YOU reach your bigger goals! If you have always dreamed of having a mentor and consultant who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, Dr. Anika is for YOU!

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Don’t be put off about the fact that there are so many brands and so much competition. Most things have been done over the course of time, but nobody can do it just like you. So don’t be put off by the fact there are a gazillion clean beauty brands, or there are gazillion lipstick brands. Nobody will bring it to the market exactly like you will. Go with that. Put your own personality, your own shine. Pour yourself into it, and people will appreciate it, and it will stand out.”

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"Dr. Anika is the absolute truth. I called her because I had to make a business decision that would significantly impact my business. She assisted me in making a sound business decision that has helped catapult growth in our family business exponentially. I trust her knowledge--I have literally seen her grow multiple businesses from zero to millions in a matter of months. If you want your business to grow, you better talk to Dr. Anika!"

Celena Gill, Co-founder,
Frères Branchiaux Candle Co.

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My name is Nicole Rochester and I am a board-certified pediatrician, professional health advocate, and the CEO of Your GPS Doc, LLC. My transition from physician to entrepreneur has been challenging, to say the least. Many of the characteristics that make a great physician are counterproductive to being a great entrepreneur. Because Dr. Anika is both a wonderful physician and a successful entrepreneur, her business coaching and advice have been irreplaceable. Dr. Anika has one of the most creative minds I have ever encountered. But what makes her such a phenomenal business coach is how she pairs that creativity with strategy and action. I highly recommend her to anyone who is building a new company or wanting to scale their existing business. 

Nicole T. Rochester, MD, Founder & CEO
Your GPS Doc, LLC

Dr. Anika doesn't just talk...she PROVES! Just looking at her daily, monthly and yearly sales from her first year in business will illustrate her capability in helping you achieve incredible things in YOUR business! 


Dr. Anika not only talks the talk, but she has the numbers to back it up! Her sales from the past year alone illustrate the fact that she has tried and true methods to teach YOU how to fast track your revenue! It's time to reclaim your power and focus on the things that are going to grow your wealth!


Have you been following my journey but unsure whether or not this is for you? Let's chat! I'll help you gain clarity on your next move, discuss strategies to pivot or grow your business, or if you just want to pick my brain...this session is for you!

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